Ancient symbols that can be used in talismans.

                                Egyptian Ankh of Life "ANCH" symbol and the attribute of ever living deities.
 The combination of the circle and the cross - the symbol of initiation, the second birth. In a letter to the ANE character for life. In the symbolism and beliefs of ancient Egypt provides long life, eternal health, and thus a long and happy life. Is your key to opening the door to the supernatural realms of heaven and union with God. Gives the energy balance, address the causes of illness and fatigue.

Pentagram Agrippa:
   Provides full protection of the magician and the return at any time in the "world of the living." Worn as a talisman protects from the effects of superstition and bad predictions, protects against spells and curses.                            A magical "Pentacle Father"    based on the hexagram - a symbol of balance and life force. Its purpose - to overcome all the difficulties of daily life, to give support and strength to overcome the problems encountered daily. Protects against insomnia, nightmares, bad dreams, fears and unpleasant forebodings. Gives strength and determination. Strengthens self-confidence and success.                            THE KEY OF SOLOMON  magic circle against the unexpected, for example, people who own magic or possessed. Pentagrams in the corners guarded all areas of the world as it is unknown where there is a risk.Strengthens self-confidence and gives strength to resist any attack. Circle, always remaining alert allows you to pay less attention to the negative effects of others.                             

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