...and this is the DAY!!!!!

…Feels like yesterday I received from Germany ingredients for my 7th BSBP,
 my partner Karin von Horen was worried that she send not enough beads…here we are, I used ONLY 1/3 of the beads, I’ve had a lot of FUN, I’ve tried a new beads: TWINs and CUBs,…..


Butterflies  are symbol of transformation,symbol for a long life...

The octagram....

The Star of Bethlehem

Guardian ANGEL of  "PEACE"

Lets see what she has made for 7th SBSP: Karin von Hoeren  

BIG REVEAL.....“THE GARDEN of Louisette“

My beads, with bunch of hearts and chocolates, came from Audrey Bélanger / Québec/ http://esperianterra.blogspot.ca/.

If you've noticed I have a problem to call it “soup ” ….. from a letter I found that “the focal has a bit of history behind”…. Audrey used dry flowers to create focal from her mother’s garden, who is ,sadly, no longer with us, but Audrey and her father keeping garden in her memory….So, Dear reader, you can understand that  I could not just “cook a soup” …I was growing a garden!!!!!! “THE GARDEN of  Louisette “   edges on Audrey’s focal I covered  with seed beads ,crystals and mounted on silk flower  …. the rest of the necklace amethyst beads “occupied” by fairies, butterfly’s,  even, a bird on the end of the toggle clasp…

THANK YOU AUDREY for the beautiful ...beads!!!!

Art studio tour onTexada Island

The Texada Art Studio Tour (TAST) will include a fabulous range of fabric arts, stained glass, lapidary and jewellry, beadwork, garden sculptures, photography, stitchery and much more. Throughout the tour, artists will be on hand to discuss their styles and techniques and to share their passion for the arts with visitors.

Ancient symbols that can be used in talismans.

                                Egyptian Ankh of Life "ANCH" symbol and the attribute of ever living deities.
 The combination of the circle and the cross - the symbol of initiation, the second birth. In a letter to the ANE character for life. In the symbolism and beliefs of ancient Egypt provides long life, eternal health, and thus a long and happy life. Is your key to opening the door to the supernatural realms of heaven and union with God. Gives the energy balance, address the causes of illness and fatigue.

Pentagram Agrippa:
   Provides full protection of the magician and the return at any time in the "world of the living." Worn as a talisman protects from the effects of superstition and bad predictions, protects against spells and curses.                            A magical "Pentacle Father"    based on the hexagram - a symbol of balance and life force. Its purpose - to overcome all the difficulties of daily life, to give support and strength to overcome the problems encountered daily. Protects against insomnia, nightmares, bad dreams, fears and unpleasant forebodings. Gives strength and determination. Strengthens self-confidence and success.                            THE KEY OF SOLOMON  magic circle against the unexpected, for example, people who own magic or possessed. Pentagrams in the corners guarded all areas of the world as it is unknown where there is a risk.Strengthens self-confidence and gives strength to resist any attack. Circle, always remaining alert allows you to pay less attention to the negative effects of others.                             


Ancient Indian school of Vastu, believed enjoyed by Slavs, and Buddhist monks, have adopted elements of it and  took them to China, formed into base of the Vastu Feng Shui.

Basic advice on Vastu:
Houses should not collect dust.

It is very important to  keep clear in front of the apartment or house. If you have something dumped at the door, it makes difficult to enter positive energy into the house .
Keep your house clean. Dirt and dust in your home clogs up your thoughts, and suddenly you noticed that the husband starts yelling, or angry wife, children have become rebellious.

Do not keep unnecessary things in your home. Of course, you need to take care of family or religious relics. But in other cases, old things collect a lot of negative energy. It is necessary to get rid of things that belonged to a person who was ill and died.
Throw away old things, they have the energy of Saturn and this planet is the personification of loneliness, unhappiness and problems. 
It is believed that old things in the house stopping from entering a new energy. For example, if you have a wardrobe packed full of old and unfashionable clothes that you do not wear any longer, then you are closing yourself energy access. The universe seems to be saying: "Why do you want to make a new dress? You’ve got it all ! "And you really start to earn less. The best thing - just give your stuff to those who need it. If a woman marries a second time, she needs to throw away the clothes in which she was dating other men. This is especially true of underwear, and...... bed linens. Because all this things has collected a strange energy, and on a subconscious level, a man will feel it. It is believed that the old stuff left over from the previous marriage, destroying a new family. If you were seriously ill, and illness was a threat to life, after recovery you should get rid of the clothes in which you were sick, and bed linens, on which you were asleep. But there are times when you can and need to store old clothes. For example, a woman living in a happy marriage, and she has a dress that is associated with pleasant moments. This dress can be protected and then even pass to her daughter, because it carries positive energy.
Without regret throw away broken and ugly things.

Houses should not have man-made materials - polyesters, synthetic fabrics.
 Do not buy an artificial flowers: it is believed that they are taking away the positive energy and bringing poverty. They may be used only for the funerals.
Paintings that hang in our houses, has to be choose very carefully: nothing that is associated with death, with sadness. 
Do not hang on the wall inharmonious patterns. It is best to power your home with the beautiful scenery, flowers, paintings with a spiritual meaning. Teens love to decorate their rooms with posters favorite musicians and actors. Meanwhile, images of half-naked women or men with aggressive and violent personalities are very harmful, because the pictures affect our subconscious.

Make sure that your home is always nice and cozy. Elegant, beautiful things from natural materials brought into the house energy of Venus, which is necessary for a happy marriage, and material prosperity. If the situation at home is too simple and minimalistic, then the man, at some point, getting a subconscious attraction to other women because he needed the energy of love and comfort!


I received beads from Marta who lives in Poland:
Right away I knew what I was going to make "Naturel",Organic, Rustic pieces.
It said one photo worth a thousand words....... enjoy the view!!!!

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Felt Beads Necklace.

Marta made felt beads, I fell in love with them immediately, I never had anything like them before. The necklace made of: felt beads, wood beads, stone beads, seed beads, metal beads....quite a MIX...but so light , almost no wait at all. Definatly, a piece for my wardrobe to wear with tops from natural fabrics: linen, hemp, organic cotton, soy "cashmere".....

Bling earrings: Jade faced beads, Toho seed beads.

Bamboo yarn and wood beads necklace with earrings.

 Set Necklace and earrings made of Bamboo yarn, wood beads, ceramic beads. Light clean line. ORGANIC!!!


On Facebook I noticed key holder from old key, "leftover" beads from my "soup beads", no questions, copper key perfect match to wood, and stones.....and my Al-Camino "Diablo" keys!!!!

My beads "soup" ingredients....

I am so excited..... I've received my beads from Marta. At first it was" What I am going TO DO???", and now I am exploring  other avenues of my creativity ........ See you on March 3rd!!!!
Ingredients: wood, glass, stones, metal, wool, and I am adding more .....
"What more?" you asking.....and an answer on March 3rd!!!!!
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