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FURRY chain. For this project you will need seed beads in two colors - contrast or two shades of one color . In addition, you will need large beads (6-8 mm). The finished core of the chain will be virtually invisible, so you can use any large beads. 2 needles.
Begin weaving basics ordinary "cross" stitch : a large bead, then on the left side one color of the seed beads, on the right site - second of your choice seed beads.Weave the chain of the desired length.
 Overlay follow diagram 2.

CORALs. a very simple form of weaving, but it creates very beautiful necklace, especially if you use not only beads, but beads and chips of semiprecious stones. Beads for corals should be with a fairly large holes, so that through each bead string will be at least 2 times.
In order to weave a coral necklace, first you will need a chain to which they will be attached. This chain can weave a cross or any of your choice - it does not matter.
Then take a new thread and start first "branch" of the corals. Follow the diagram. Go to the next link of the chain and continue waiving....

BUMPs. There are many different ways to create three-dimensional elements. One of them "bumps". To get started, you need to weave the two chains with a cross, not linked. Begin to connect. Weave some connection crosses the scheme on the left. Then, in the place where you want to make "bump", make two crosses that  not connected with side chains and continue to work to the next "bump".

CROSS-OVERLAY. This overlay is performed by two threads on a chain in a cross. It looks especially nice if middle of the overlaychain made with large round beads.
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