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Creative Brain Mechanisms.
  Creativity and creative acts are therefore studied across several disciplines - psychology, cognitive science, education, philosophy (particularly philosophy of science), technology, theology, sociology, linguistics, business studies, and economics. As a result, there are a multitude of definitions and approaches.Creative arts is the term used to describe different types of art. Specifically, to introduce fine art ideas, techniques, skills and media.
 Theories of creativity (in particular investigating why some people are more creative than others) have focused on a variety of aspects. The most dominant are usually identified as the four "Ps" - process, product, person and place.
  Creative Culture (CC) is a term used to indicate an environment that can be established in many places, in culture, society or workplace where creative ideas within that environment are encouraged, supported, protected and nurtured for further development and growth till their true value can be understood and appreciated.
Creative Culture identifies and shares creative mission, purpose, beliefs, values, habits and principles. It is considered as an "invisible yet powerful energy inspiring people to progress and to achieve more."
Creative Culture brings imagination, diversity, curiosity, experimenting and idea, sharing into daily activities.
  Beading - the kind of arts and crafts incorporated with needlework - the creation of jewelry, art objects using the beads, seed beads (bead weaving, bead knitting, bead wire braiding, bead mosaics, bead embroidery and beadwork).

  Beads are not only a decorative elements, but also constructive and technological.
  The beads, in the form as we know them today, many types of beads, many beading techniques and methods of work were known in ancient Egypt. Art of Beading knew long before among the nations of Europe and America have established communication.

  In the middle ages in Russia, as the beads, used to use pieces of mother of pearl and freshwater pearls, that were mined in large quantities in the rivers and used to decorate clothing, church and household utensils, mainly in the art as embroidery.

  Seed beads on Russian “biser” from Arabic “bursa”- fake pearls.

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